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Lynit organized my messy process.
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The features are well thought out and easy to use. A writer made this.
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I am a seat of the pants writer, but Lynit is clutch when editing.

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arc timeline

Outlining made easy

Start outlining an arc by adding chapters
Add Drivers to specify which characters and events lead the action
Describe how the arc progresses in each chapter
story visualization

Explore your story

Play with structure
Detail the relationships between elements
Spot elements that are only loosely connected to the story
deep mode

See the story from one element's point of view

Connect elements and describe their relationship
Outline Arcs the element
participates in
View the contents of other elements while keeping Deep Mode on single element

Dive Deep

Lynit App Screenshot


Thread story elements and capture relationship to track how they evolve.


Use our templates to define Characters, Arcs, Events and Themes


See your outline from different angles to identify structural patterns
Founder and CEO Michael Green

“I created Lynit to help me write my first book. I had lots of characters, arcs, and a complex fantasy setting and needed a tool to help me wrangle it all together.”
- Michael Green

“Since starting to use Lynit I feel more efficient & waste less time”

- Lynit user
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The good thing about the app is it forces the writer to break the book down to the essentials. It won't let the writer drift away from what's important.
Stefan Lukacs
Thriller Author
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So, your app has proved that I was completely stubborn with my first chapter haha.
Anna Klassen
Historical Fiction Author
Customer photo 3
I'm a multi-published author (23 books) and have my own method, but Lynit might make it a more organized process.
Aida Brückner & Dominik Grittner
Fantasy Writer
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How much does Lynit cost?

Currently Lynit is in Beta and is free.

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What happens when the Beta ends?

Your data will carry over into our full launch. You will be able to permanently delete your data if you wish.

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Is my data secure?

Your data is encrypted-at-rest and encrypted-in-transit. We make daily backups of your data for recovery in case of an emergency. To provide our service, Lynit will have to access the number and type of story elements as well as which element types they are connected to, but your data is yours. We will never reuse or share your data with a third-party without your explicit consent. You can learn more about our terms of service here.

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How do I give feedback about features I would like to see in Lynit?

We are happy to receive any feedback and respond to every message. You can click here to contact us.

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Who created Lynit?

Our founder Michael Green first created Lynit to help himself manage rewriting his first book. He is a data scientist by trade and used his analytical experience to inform how he approached writing.

Our Beta is Live

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