Our company focuses on the art and science of storytelling.

Our Mission

To capture the complexity of the craft into a single tool and streamline the writing process.

Writing a story isn’t linear, it is iterative and sometimes haphazard. To create a believable character, it takes a combination of planning, spontaneous inspiration, and dropping them into a scene and watching them react. Lynit will help writers navigate this process and challenge them to improve it.

Our Founder


My professional background is as a Data Scientist and Professor, but my passion has always been writing. I started writing my first story as a teenager as a way to have conversations about magic with myself. I have always been fascinated by the setup "What would you do if you could...?" Then I would theorize the practical applications of a particular magic. If I was considering the ability to fly, I would wonder whether it would be physically or mentally tiring to use. Would I be manipulating gravity, or was I propelled by a force? These imaginative questions constantly linger in my mind.

I started Lynit unofficially back in 2018 when I was deep in the trenches of editing my first book. I had 500 pages, a lot of characters, multiple plots, many notes for possible changes, but also feedback from people who have read earlier versions of my book years ago. To make sense of everything, I knew I needed a strong tool for writing, something more than multiple word docs, post-it notes, and a whiteboard. I made the first version of Lynit to help me manage all my ideas in a structured way.

Later, I shared it with friends who were writers in order to simply discuss the craft. I wondered if they would think my data science informed approach was silly or unnecessary. However, they were so excited by the idea that they convinced me to make a full-fledged tool to help other writers. After that, Lynit was officially formed.

– Founder & CEO Michael Green



"Mr Green created Lynit, a digital platform that helps authors visualize, plan and weave together the various elements - such as characters, plot arcs, themes and key events - that form a story."

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“Michael Green has been passionate about writing since his teenage years. Crafting fiction revealed itself as "a way to have conversations about magic," and to build different worlds in his stories."

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“The value of using and caring about Lynit and the challenge it's helping to solve is built into the culture of the company for good.

"'Our internal brand promise is that we're writers helping writers,’ Michael shared. ‘I need the team to write and use Lynit so they can get to know it like I do and come up with new solutions.’”

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Our People

We're a highly motivated, diverse workforce building an invaluable tool for writers.